Need to improve business?

You have the ideas, you have the vision, but you need someone to get you to the finish line. That's what I do. I'll break it down for you and the team, in an easy to understand way. Whether it's generating more leads, using automation, or custom development, I've got you covered.

Recommended Services: Level 1 Level 2

Got a new section or feature you want developed?

Forget proposals, change orders, estimates and all that. If you've got a new idea for the site, we'll talk, refine it and start development with weekly discussions along the way. It's that simple.

Recommended Services: Level 1 Level 2

Have a whole bunch of questions?

Google it! Just kidding... a search engine won't answer questions specific to your website or the way your company does things. I'm here to talk with you and your team, offering my expertise to whatever problems we're trying to solve, especially in a way that's quick and efficient.

Recommended Services: Level 1 Level 2

Want things to just work?

Sometimes things break, a change causes unintended consequences, or someone didn't update the payment information for that one crucial service. Who knows? Well, I do. Simply tell me what you need done I'll take care of these little (or big) annoyances for you. I'll also make sure they don't happen again, saving you precious time.

Recommended Services: Level 1 Level 2

How I Help

Monthly Development Plans + Services

  • Level 1: Exclusive Monthly Development

    If you’ve got more work than you know what to do with, and you need some top-shelf, white-glove development service, I got it covered. This option gives you exclusive access on top of a high level of insurance.

    Priority scheduling of all of your work.

    No more waiting in line—you'll cut right to the front.

    Reliable backups that can't fail.

    I'm sure your host is doing backups... not. I make sure your site is backing up, but also that the backups are able to be restored fully.

    Regular updates to keep you current.

    I stay on top of the updates and security patches so you don't have to.

    Full security audit to keep you safe.

    Hackers and evil-doers are out there 24/7. I'll be making sure that you site is taking all the measures to help prevent them.

    View changes before going live.

    Want to see and actually click around the changes before they go live? Of course you do... and so you will.

    Professional development and best practices.

    Your code will be developed in the best practices of WordPress / ProcessWire to ensure your site's security, flexbility, and speed.

  • Level 2: "In-House" Developer

    Need that "in-house" developer? Need someone who is professional and listens to what you and your business want to do? I got it covered. This option gives you access for me to be your exclusive "in-house" developer.

    We talk each and every week.

    We set up a regularly scheduled call each and every week to discuss everything that has been done, needs to get done, and set priorities.

    No need to ask about updates to items.

    You'll get weekly emails about what was worked on and what will be worked on.

    Let's talk about next steps.

    Once a month you'll get my Recommendation Audit. I'll share with you some ideas for your site that are inline with your goals.

    Your website will evolve and change.

    Are you selling online? Have a community forum? Need to add quickly? I've got you covered.

    I know you have custom needs.

    Does your company have certain processes that you need me to work within? I've got you covered.

    And in case you were wondering...

    The answer is "YES", Level 2 includes all the benefits of Level 1 as well.

    You have more than one site.

    I cover all your websites for this price.

  • One-off Project
    Need a release valve to help out with some work?

    Have a small development team that's extremely busy and can't get to that new project? Let's chat about it.

    Want to new a website design that you've never seen someone do before?

    I always think that there's a way and strive to be on the bleeding edge. Let's get there together.

    Want to be more productive and tie your website into your systems?

    I know you want to link up your website to your inventory and billing systems. I can do that for you.

    Automate your website to push updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the next big thing!

    Just say you do and I'll make it happen for you. You won't have to spend hours making posts to try and bring in traffic to your website, it'll just happen.

    Plan for the future.

    There's so many awesome things you want to do but not enough time. Let's chat and lay them out in a plan and get them done.

We couldn’t be happier with our new website. From start to finish, the development phases were phenomenal. Jonathan is an expert of his craft and an amazing person to work with. His customer support was superb, there was a quick turnaround of the final product, and he was thorough in making sure we were 100% satisfied. He is a true professional and we highly recommend him and his services to anyone looking to build a new custom ProcessWire site.

Jakub Linowski
Jakub Linowski
Founder & Lead Designer
Linowski Interaction Design, Inc.

Let’s Work Together

I’d would love to hear more about your company. After a few initial emails to determine if I’m a good fit, we’ll schedule a call to review the project and get to know each other.