Vista Recreation

About the Project

Vista Recreation (formerly Recreation Resource Management) operates over 700 campgrounds and recreation areas across 16 states. In 2017, I completely redeveloped and redesigned their corporate website while consolidating various campground websites into the new main site.

Content Management System

The ability to easily manage hundreds of campgrounds and their unique attributes was a primary objective for the new website. For this reason, ProcessWire was chosen as the CMS given its strong support for custom fields and data relationship abilities. Each campground contains a number of different attributes, from available features, facilities, photos and location information. Furthermore, each campground belongs to a particular region, which in turn belongs to a specific state. The result is a campground catalog that provides visitors with a straight-forward user experience.

Google Maps

An interactive map was developed that allows users to find a campground in the region they desire. Marker clustering was implemented to allow groupings of campgrounds as the map zoom level is changed.

Page Builder

Website editors can develop rich content pages without code using a page builder that supports dynamic data. The page builder adheres to the design system of the website, leading to a consistent and branded look.

Technical Specifications

CSS Framework
Advanced Features
Google Maps Integration

Client Testimonial

Jonathan has been amazing to work with, readily available, and extremely knowledgeable. I know I can count on him bringing my ideas to life. By simply describing what I envision, he makes it happen! He’s truly a technical wizard. Our website is now very robust with functions specific to our needs, and presents our business in a highly professional way to our customer-base.

Amanda Scott
Marketing Director at Vista Recreation

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