United Agricultural League

About the Project

UnitedAg is an agricultural trade association dedicated to meeting its members’ employee benefit needs and represents over 1,000 agriculture affiliated member organizations. Since 2015, I've worked hand-in-hand with UAG marketing team on nearly all aspects of their website.

User Portal / CRM

A custom user portal was developed allowing service representatives and members to access documents, video and other private media after logging in. UnitedAg can manage all members and member users in from within the backend. Furthermore, a custom Mailchimp integration was developed that keeps Mailchimp and the portal member data in sync.

Page Builder

The in-house marketing and design team required the ability to create advanced page layouts without needing to code, therefore a page builder based on UIkit was developed. Over 50 custom and visually expressive page designs have been made by the creative UnitedAg marketing team.

Advanced Forms

Through the use of ProcessWire Form Builder, website editors can create advanced forms and store the results directly into the CRM with relational data intact.


A custom donation form was made that can accept check or credit card payments. The credit card payments are powered by Stripe.

Ecommerce and Silent Auctions

A custom ecommerce system was developed that supports the sales of UnitedAg merchandise. Special features include the ability to hold silent auctions with bidding increments or buy-it-now capability. Stripe powers the payment process.

Technical Specifications

Corporate, Ecommerce
CSS Framework
Advanced Features
Custom Ecommerce
Mailchimp Integration
Stripe Integration

Client Testimonial

Aside from his top-notch technical skills, what we value most about Jonathan is his professionalism and responsiveness, whether it's during our weekly calls with the team or the occasional random question. Working with him feels like he's in the office next door.  He always has the right solution.  The continuous improvements he's made to our site have saved us hundreds of hours so we can focus on what we do best.

Maribel Ochoa
Director of Communications, UnitedAg