Real SF Properties

About the Project

Real SF Properties is a residential real estate agency that represents buyers and sellers in San Francisco, California. As a client since 2014, the second iteration of their website, designed by BuzzCandy.Design, was launched in 2022.

Content Management System

Like nearly all real estate websites, the key data type are the real estate listings. Storing all the relevant data for a listing (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, images, etc.) was critical and being able to manage such data easily was a high priority. Therefore, ProcessWire was chosen as the content management system as it excels in websites with a strong data model. Other data types included neighborhoods, before and after comparisons, resources, press releases and several others.

Design Conversion

The rich and detailed designs called for an approach that would allow for more flexibility during the design conversion process. While I typically use UIkit, for this website iteration I went with Tailwind CSS. The designs contain a considerable amount of variation and Tailwind CSS excels in situations like this (I find UIkit and similar CSS frameworks more fitting for sites that contain more design consistency). The resulting primary CSS file is only 14 kB (minified and gzip'ed).

MLS Integration

While not present in the latest version of the site, the previous version included MLS integration which would continuously pull active listings and allow visitors to search for them on a map using a number of parameters (neighborhood, # bedrooms, # bathrooms, price).

Technical Specifications

Real Estate / Architecture
CSS Framework
Tailwind CSS
Advanced Features
MLS Integration

Client Testimonial

Jonathan is the one I want to work with on every project. He is an excellent web developer who can make a designer’s vision come to life quickly and elegantly. Even better, he is the nicest, most professional, responsive and creative person I know. There is no one I recommend more highly.

Kira Mead
Real SF Properties