About the Project

FieldAware is a field service management software that companies rely on to manage their daily operations. In 2019, I took over the development of their existing ProcessWire corporate website and completely redeveloped it to be more flexible for editors, support advanced data relationships and implemented a new frontend design.

Content Management System

While the site was originally developed on ProcessWire, it lacked the ability to create flexible content pages combined with dynamic data. The organization of the content within the CMS had also strayed. Therefore, the data model was reenvisioned and re-organized to support page building ability with dynamic data. A hub-and-spoke model was the inspiration for the content organization.


A new design was created based on the FieldAware brand guidelines. UIkit was used as the CSS framework, which combined with the page builder, allows editors to create branded and consistent page layouts without writing code. Editors can choose from over 50 pre-designed section templates to develop accessible pages with complex and unique layouts.

Technical Specifications

CSS Framework

Client Testimonial

Jonathan is an expert at his craft. He redeveloped and refreshed our aging corporate website and we can now efficiently manage our content and marketing campaigns.

Marc Tatarsky
SVP Marketing at FieldAware