Developer Rescue

Finding yourself in a bind because your original ProcessWire developer is no longer available?

Whether your previous developer has moved on to new opportunities, retired, or you're seeking a fresh partnership, I'm here to offer a seamless transition and ensure your website continues to thrive.

My expertise in ProcessWire enables me to dive deep into your existing setup, understand your specific needs, and provide a smooth takeover. With a focus on preserving the integrity of your site while implementing any necessary enhancements, you can trust in my services to rescue and rejuvenate your online presence. Let's work together to ensure your website remains a dynamic and effective tool for your business.

Why ProcessWire is the Right Choice

While you might be wondering why your website was built with ProcessWire, especially when there are other 'easier' options out there, it's important to recognize the unique benefits this powerful content management system brings. ProcessWire offers unparalleled flexibility and customization, allowing your website to be tailored precisely to your business's needs. Unlike one-size-fits-all platforms, ProcessWire provides a robust framework that adapts as your business evolves, ensuring your website can grow and change with you. Its user-friendly interface, combined with strong security features, makes it a wise choice for many developers and businesses alike. Rest assured, sticking with ProcessWire means your website is built on a solid, adaptable foundation, ready to support your business's future growth and success.

My ProcessWire Bona Fides

With over a decade of daily engagement with ProcessWire and two decades in web development, my journey has been deeply intertwined with the evolution and application of this powerful CMS. My commitment to the ProcessWire community extends beyond just usage; I've actively contributed through bug reports, feature suggestions, and community support, earning a high reputation among my peers. My dedication to showcasing the strengths of ProcessWire led me to create the 'WordPress vs. ProcessWire' YouTube series, where I dissect the functionalities of both CMSs across over 30 detailed videos.

Beyond these contributions, I've developed an exclusive internal module named Alef for ProcessWire, enhancing its capabilities with advanced page building, frontend asset management, and more, tailored specifically for my clients. Throughout my career, I've successfully rescued and revitalized multiple large-scale ProcessWire websites, demonstrating my deep expertise and commitment to this platform.


For large engagements, I charge a flat project rate based on the work involved. For general updates, I charge hourly and provide a time estimate before work begins.

Let’s Work Together

Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Please send me some information on your project so I can determine how best to help you.