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Even if you have a functioning website, times are changing... fast. My service is all about empowering marketers by having a developer they can count on. It's like having an in-house web developer that's not in your house.

  • United Agricultural League
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • The Real Estate Council
  • Greenform
  • Modern Real Estate Group
  • UCLA Anderson
  • Epsteen & Associates
  • CMS Critic
  • Z Workstations
  • GoodUI Fastforward
  • Real SF Properties
  • iBuildMacs
  • Motomo Studio
  • Durre Design
  • Curran Theatre
  • MWest Holdings
  • Winder Gibson Architects
  • Yost Grube Hall Architecture
  • White Construction
  • Discovery Kids
  • Seattle Caviar Company

Aside from his top-notch technical chops, what we value most about Jonathan is his professionalism and responsiveness, whether it's during our weekly calls with the team or the occasional random question. Working with him feels like he's in the office next door.  He always has the right solution.  The continuous improvements he's made to our site have saved us hundreds of hours so we can focus on what we do best.

Maribel Ochoa
Maribel Ochoa
Marketing & Membership Manager
United Agricultural League

About Me

I'm Jonathan and live in Los Angeles, California. I'm married to a beautiful girl named Dana. We have a dog named Tucker who we rescued in 2016. I love spending time with them, family and friends. When winter comes around, you can find me snowboarding on the nearest mountain.

I've been a web developer for over 13 years and deeply enjoy many aspects of the business, from writing code to solving problems for my clients. These days, I primarily focus on ProcessWire (a content management system similar to WordPress) for new projects given the ease of use and flexibility of the system.

I am heavily involved in the ProcessWire community, provide support to other developers on the forums and assist the project through feature requests and bug reports. I am close with the lead developer (Ryan Cramer) and I've also been a guest writer on the weekly blog describing my experiences with the system, such as with CMS Critic.

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