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Hi, I'm Jon. I'm your “in-house” web developer.

My name is Jonathan and I help marketing teams in medium-size businesses with the tech side of things so they can focus on the work that they do best. Think of me as your in-house developer that's not in your house.

Whether you need to implement custom marketing initiatives, enhance your content management system, or have a developer come in and get you over any technical hurdles, my solutions will get there and save you time.

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Before meeting Jonathan, we had dozens of websites, each representing a particular campground.  Many of our websites were created over 10 years ago, so they had either been hacked from a lack of upkeep or had simply become outdated as a result of time and shifts in technology.  As someone with a background in web and technology, I knew exactly what needed to be done and was referred to Jonathan by an industry leader.  Working with him has been incredibly smooth we're is thankful he's on-board with us.  Reservations to our parks have never been higher.

Tarik El Gindi
Tarik El Gindi
Director of Digital Marketing
Recreation Resource Management