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I am an experienced technology consultant and an expert in both frontend and backend web development. My background includes working with enterprise level clients completing strategic projects under extreme deadlines. My ten years of programming and consulting experience have been focused on web development that is straightforward and functional.

I am proficient in standards compliant and hand-crafted HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Most of the projects I develop utilize ProcessWire or WordPress. I also enjoy creating concise and easy to follow screencasts demonstrating how clients can manage their sites.

When I'm not at my computer churning out clean code or keeping up with the hundreds of technology blogs in my feed reader, you can find me snowboarding or hiking the mountains in Los Angeles and around the country.

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Services Provided Client-oriented CMS development

As a digital agency or designer, you most likely have already engaged with the client, completed the discovery process and created full-fidelity mockups. Now it's time for the next step... development.

I first begin by completing a discovery process of my own based on the mockups. How many unique templates exist? What sections are being shared across various pages? What parts require advanced JavaScript interaction? Are there any third party integrations required? We then answer any questions I may have and hammer out a spec-sheet.

Next is the design conversion phase coupled with CMS integration. As I work my way through creating the markup and styles for each template, I model the CMS to support the content architecture. Refactoring of code and decisions is a continual process yielding a website that allows for maximum end-client maintainability. JavaScript is utilized for any bits that can benefit improved user interaction.

Finally, we enter the testing phase. Cross-browser and multi-device testing is conducted to make sure the site looks great and functions correctly on a variety of screen sizes and rendering engines from the smallest of phones to the largest of monitors.

Upon completion, a suite of video tutorials / screencasts is created, customized to the site's architecture and workflow, allowing website administrators to easily refer to any questions they may have when managing content.

Portfolio of Work 2006 to present

The following is a partial list of projects that I've been involved with. Contact me to learn more about my roles and responsibilities regarding any project.

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